We are proud to offer options for families at our National Rally.

​Kidscapade was introduced at Escapade in 2016 to give the youngest generation an Escapade experience of their own. ​It fills their day with activities that are fun and educational.

If you will be attending with your children or grandchildren, plan to enroll them in Kidscapade. This is a free program and it’s a perfect opportunity for them to meet other young SKPs while you’re attending seminars or browsing the market. We have a lot of fun activities planned!

Kids at Escapade Powered by FullTime Families
Photo by J9b2 Adventures

During their Kidscapade sessions, our youngest RVers get to participate in a variety of activities, often focused on a particular theme for the week. In the past, these themes have incorporated aspects of the local history, encouraging the kids to do some hands-on learning! Activities include crafts, story time, and physical activity to engage their minds and bodies. Those who want can also participate in Escapade’s Got Talent, our annual variety show where attendees display their vocal talent, knack for instruments, or their witty humor.

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Kidscapade Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates and location of Kindscapade?
Kidscapade will be provided Monday – Wednesday 8:15 AM–11:45 AM and Thursday 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM. Register each morning when you drop your children off for Kidscapade.

Is there a charge to attend Kidscapade (in addition to Escapade fee)?No. Kidscapade is offered as a free program. It is provided by Escapade and presented by Nomadic Families BoF.

Background checks for volunteers/staff?
Each Kidscapade volunteer will have a background check completed.

Are Reservations Required?
Advance registration is not required. Register each morning when you drop your children off for Kidscapade.

Will the kids be separated into age groups
The kids will be in the same room, but the activities chosen will pertain to a wide age range. The activities chosen will be educational while allowing the children to have fun and socialize. 

Is there a minimum age requirement for attending Kidscapade?
There is no age requirement. However, children must be walking, fully potty-trained and comfortable being away from their parents. If your child is not able to take instruction from Kidscapade staff or is being disruptive within the program, you will be contacted to pick up your child.

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