General questions about Escapade:

What is Escapade?

Escapade is the largest annual gathering of the Escapees RVing community. For five fun-filled days, you’ll have the opportunity to attend up to 80 technical and lifestyle seminars, workshops and discussion panels, browse the Escapade market, visit the many Chapters, BoFs and Escapee parks represented at the event, as well as socialize, enjoy concerts and other evening entertainment, door prizes and much, much more.  It’s the perfect time to get to know this great community and discover everything the Escapees RV Club has to offer.

Coronavirus Precautions

During Escapade, we will be following all CDC and Wyoming state guidelines and advice for coronavirus precautions. More information to follow.

I’m new to Escapade. Will I feel welcome?

Absolutely! First time attendees are always amazed by the inclusiveness they experience at Escapade. In fact, there’s a First Timer’s Social, just for you! We’ve also created the First Timer 101, loaded with questions and answers especially for first time attendees.

Where is the 60th Escapade being held?

The 60th Escapade is being held at the Sweetwater Events Complex, Rock Springs, WY.

How do I get to the event location?

The physical address is 3320 Yellowstone Rd, Rock Springs, WY 82901.
Detailed directions will be included with your arrival documents and emailed to you prior to event arrival. Your GPS should take you right to it.

What are the dates of the 60th Escapade?

July 18-23, 2021 are the event dates.  

What are the dates of future Escapades?

Can’t make it to Rock Springs? That’s ok! Escapade happens every year. To see the full list of upcoming events, check out Future Escapade Dates.

Registration questions:

What are the camping options?

Boondocking or full hook-up (FHU) with 50amp service only.  If your RV is 30amp, please bring an appropriate adapter. All sites are back-in only.

Important Information

Will I be able to hook-up with standard length hoses/power cord?

Maybe not.  Because of the event center’s campground layout, 1-2 extra lengths of sewer hose may be needed, water hose should be a minimum of 50 feet, power cords should be able to reach at least 50 feet.  If your hook-ups are located at the back of your RV the distance will be shorter.

How and when do I register?

You may register as follows:

  • Online at Escapade registration.
  • Via telephone by calling 936-327-8873 (ask for Escapade registration.)
  • By mail using the registration form printed from the Escapade website.
  • Register early (before May 8th) to receive the early-bird $30 discount off the basic registration and to ensure you receive your first choice of camping options.
  • Registration opens September 10th, 2019.

Is there a handicap parking area?

Yes, there is a handicap RV parking section, available to registrants possessing and displaying a valid state-issued handicap permit, on a first-come first-served basis. There is a very limited amount of handicap parking available.  Please request this option and provide your handicap permit number to register for handicap parking. 

May we arrive and register onsite at the event?

Yes, you may register for Escapade upon arrival at the event center. Please advise the parking team that you are not registered, and they will direct you to the Customer Service team to complete the registration process.

Will I be able to arrive early or stay over after the event, and what are the nightly fees?

Early arrival days are Friday, June 19, and Saturday, June 20.  Extended stay days are Friday, June 26, and Saturday, June 27. Per-night fees are:  Boondocking – $25.00 and FHU – $35.00, per night. You can pre-pay for these options when you register.

Can I park with my friends?

Yes, if you arrive together & have pre-selected the same camping option when you registered. For groups of five or more rigs, please email the parking team leader at escapadeparking@escapees.com to advise the number of rigs in your group and an approximate time of your group’s arrival. Our parking team will do their best to get you parked together. If your camping options (FHU or Boondocking) are not the same, you will not be parked together.

Can I park with an Escapees group?

Yes, however you must sign up to park with either Xscapers, Boomers, Families or Solos.  You can only be parked together if you choose FHU parking.  There is no group boondocking area and we’re not able to park boondockers near full hook-up sites.

What is the “Ticket” and “Parking Permit”?

The Ticket is your entry ticket and proof of registration for admission upon arrival at Escapade. Please have it available for presentation to the parking team when you first arrive to be parked (either printed or digital).  The Parking Permit indicates your selection of hookups for campground parking and will have a large letter designating your paid selection (B for boondocking, F for full hook-up, H for handicap, etc.). Please print and place the Parking Permit prominently in your driver’s side windshield at arrival so the parking team can identify the correct area and direct you to your site quickly. Once parked, we ask you to keep your Parking Permit in your tow/towed vehicle for re-entry to the grounds throughout the event.

When do I receive my Tickets and arrival information?

Approximately five weeks prior to the event, your Ticket and Parking Permit will be emailed to you, along with detailed arrival information.

What happens if I need to cancel?

A cancellation fee ($25) is automatically deducted from all refunds. All refund requests must be in writing, and absolutely NO refunds after May 15, 2020. (requests must be submitted by midnight, May 15, 2020).

I have friends that would like to visit for a day to learn more about Escapees; can they come to Escapade?

Yes, day passes are available at the gate on Monday and Tuesday. (See event price list.) Remember, Wednesday is a free day and your friends are welcome.

When, where and how do we receive our name badges, program books and welcome bags?

Upon your arrival and after you park your RV, you’ll visit Registration in the Hospitality building. There you’ll exchange your ticket for your name badge, program book and welcome bag.

Market questions:

What are the hours of the Escapade market?

Market hours are Sunday, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Is the Escapade market open to the public?

Wednesday is Community Appreciation Day with free admission to the public. Otherwise Escapade is only open to attendees.  Daily walk-in options are available for a fee on Monday and Tuesday.  Please see registration details.

How can I become an Exhibitor or Sponsor at Escapade?

Contact Duane Mathes at duane@escapees.com or 907-715-7505. Please visit the Vendor or Sponsor tabs at the top of this webpage for details.

Pet questions:

What is the pet policy?

We love pets and they are welcome at Escapade. However, all buildings are 100% pet-free. Only certified service animals (in working mode) are welcome inside buildings, with proper documentation. Expect the pet policy to be strictly enforced. When your pet is outside, it must be in a carrier, restrained in an appropriate manner, or on a short (6 foot or less) leash. There’s an off-leash dog park for socialization and exercise. Please remember to pick up after your pet(s) and dispose of waste properly.

How can I volunteer at Escapade?

There are two ways to volunteer at Escapade:

  • Visit the Volunteer Booth in the hospitality area upon arrival to sign up for one of many volunteer jobs at Escapade. Sign up to help serve popcorn, drive golf cart transports, hand out ice cream, and many other tasks.  It’s a lot of fun and you’ll earn the 60th Escapade volunteer pin in exchange for volunteering at least three hours of your time.
  • Although we have filled many volunteer positions for 2021, we do keep a wait list. Your name can be placed on the potential staff list, and as the year progresses, if vacancies arise, volunteers on the list are contacted with offers to join the volunteer staff at Escapade in 2021.

    If you would like to be added to the potential volunteer staff wait list for 2021, please send an email to jean@escapees.com with the following information:

    • your phone #
    • your SKP #
    • confirm that you have attended at least one prior Escapade


Are children and grandchildren welcome?

Absolutely! And at no charge! In fact, Escapade provides activities just for kids that we call Kidscapade.
You’ll find the schedule for Kidscapade in the program book and mobile event app.


Will there be courtesy transportation available between the buildings and campground?

Yes, golf cart transportation will be available from Sunday after opening ceremony through Thursday evening. Monday through Thursday hours: 8AM to 9PM.

May I bring my scooter, bike, moped, or Segway?

Yes, Escapade encourages you to bring alternate transportation as vehicle parking is very limited or not available near event buildings.

More questions and answers...

Are there generator hours?

Generators may not be run at any time in any parking area other than the boondocking area. 
Generators can be used in the boondocking area betweem 7:00am and 9:00pm. Please be considerate of your neighbors. 

Is there a solar section?

There is no solar section as the event facility has very limited boondocking available.

Do I need to arrive with empty holding tanks and full fresh water tank?

Please be considerate. Plan to arrive with empty holding tanks and a full freshwater tank. If you’ve chosen to park in the Boondocking section, this may seem obvious. For those parking in the full hook-up section, you may wonder why this is important. In a rally situation, when hundreds of rigs are parked together, it can be quite taxing on the fairground’s water and sewer systems. There may be situations when many people may be using water at the same time. It’s possible the pressure could be compromised. In those cases, having your water tank filled and being able to use from your own tank is very helpful. Arrive with your holding tanks empty for the same reason. Be considerate by taking some stress off the fairground’s sewer system.

Is there a mobile pump-out service available?

Yes. An independent mobile pump-out service is available.  Please schedule directly with them for a pump-out. We’ll have their contact information available for you once you arrive.
It is highly recommended you arrive with empty holding tanks.

Is there a dump station available?

Yes.  Signs will be posted and the location will be noted on the map.  Please notify the Parking Crew if you need to dump prior to being parked.
It is highly recommended you arrive with empty holding tanks so as not to delay having your rig parked.

Are there showers on site?

Yes, there are showers and restrooms located within the camping area for attendee use.

Is there a laundry facility on site?

No there is not. However, there are laundromats in town just a few miles away.

Is there propane on site?

No, there is not.

Is there a published seminar schedule?

Yes, a sample schedule is published on the Escapade website.  The actual seminar schedule will be posted to the website approximately 30 days before Escapade begins.  Seminars begin at 8:30 am and each presentation is one hour in length.  There are approximately 80 seminars scheduled.

Do I have to sign up for seminars or crafts?

Seminars are open to all attendees but may be limited to available seating. Most craft classes are limited and require sign-up, which is held on Sunday during registration. Some craft classes have a small fee to cover supplies.

What is the address to have mail sent to me?


If you have mail sent to Escapade, please address it to: 

Your name, SKP #
C/O Escapade,
Sweetwater Event Complex
3320 Yellowstone Rd
Rock Springs, WY 82901

What is the elevation and typical weather for the dates of the event?

The elevation is approximately 6400 feet. Average high temperatures for June are around 75 degrees.  Average low temperatures are 45-55 degrees.  Average humidity is around 35%.  Average wind speed is 7-10 mph, however conditions sometimes change rapidly and gusts can happen with no advanced warning. 

It’s a good idea that you never leave your awnings extended when you are gone.