2024 Escapade Seminar Request

June 16-21, 2024

Escapade is an educational event where 1500 – 2000 attendees gather to learn information from the experts in their field. 
It is our goal to offer a curriculum full of educational choices, from hobbies to lifestyle to technical training classes.  If you are willing to share your knowledge and/or skills relative to the RV lifestyle with an eager audience, please complete this seminar request form. 
Keep in mind that although we attempt to accept as many requests as possible, not all seminars can be scheduled. A request does not necessarily guarantee your presentation.
Information is needed early to be included in the Escapade program book and mobile event app.  

Please note: Attendees come with the expectation of expanding their knowledge of the RV lifestyle. Although learning about products/services is important, they are not interested in a sales pitch, or to listen to bashing of a competitor’s product.

If you do have a product specific seminar, be sure to indicate that on your request form and it will be promoted as such. Again, no competitor bashing please!   

Keeping your seminar subject as generalized and informative as possible, and not product specific, is the best option and always creates the largest audiences.  Feedback from attendees is encouraged and will be taken into consideration in future seminar selection.

 Products or services may not be sold during your seminar.


A separate form submission is required for each seminar you’re requesting.

Please have a brief bio prepared for your own self-introduction at the beginning of your presentation.

All seminars are one hour in duration.

Note to speakers:  Attendees are encouraged to provide feedback on your presentation and your ratings/reviews “may” be sent to you after Escapade is concluded.

Please submit this form no later than March 1, 2024 !

Late requests may not be accommodated due to program book deadlines! 

You will be notified by  May 1, 2024 if your presentation will be included in the schedule.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Escapade!

Jean Mathes
Seminar Coordinator